1. Had a really great time at #moccafest this weekend! Lots of great people and lots of inspiration to keep working. Need to practice my straight-ink sketching. #inking #sketch

  2. If you’re at #MoCCA this weekend, I’ll be at table E5 with some cool stuff. Here is the cover for my Hive mini-comic. I’ll also have copies of Benthic and some postcards. Come say hi!

  3. Long day inking my mini for #MoCCA next weekend, should have this wrapped up tomorrow night. #nofilter #vscocam #comics #inking

  4. Lots to get through for #MoCCA next weekend! #comics #sketch

  5. I’ve been taking sketch requests from friends over the last few weeks, and I’ve been using them to refine my value and color comp process. For my brother, this was a color comp of Solid Snake fighting Rex.

  6. This is the other thing I’ve been messing around with lately… 

  7. Doodling different armor designs for Eternium, still dialing in the look I want for it. #sketch #Eternium

  8. I feel like I’ve been staying up late sketching He-Man a lot this week… #sketch #random #heman #mastersoftheuniverse

  9. I bought a couple of newsprint sketchbooks to doodle in recently without tearing through all my good paper. I tend to draw too tentatively in pencil, especially when just sketching, so I’ve been forcing myself to make smarter first choices by sketching in ink. The idea is to both build confidence and speed, and make consistent choices for overall shapes of body types. 

  10. A robot with a human brain who is an alien hunter and Civil War reenacter named Col. Bacon.

  11. I’ve been kind of bad about updating, and a big part of that has been writing my next…thing.

    I started making a character map to help keep track of everyone when I started laying out all my various plots through the chapters (promoting subplots, etc) and the thing keeps growing. I think this is only half the cast right now. Its completely insane.

    I’m now back to having too much material. I want to keep it under 600 pages, which is still enormous, and right now I’m probably looking at 800-900. Finishing this as-is will probably take the better part of a decade, and I’m really not sure I want to give it that. It might be bigger than my too-big-to-do Kung Fu Western now.  Here comes the editing…

  12. First pages I’ve attempted to ink since the end of Benthic. I like sections of them, but I want to simplify more.